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A Fashion Shoot Inspired By Family Photographs http://www.ignant.de/2016/05/13/a-fashion-shoot-inspired-by-family-photographs/ by @ignantmag

This is a beautiful story by Anna Kerr by @ignantmag


See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth

Top Hot 100 Song: “See You Again” – and

Great song!

The Hills by The Weekend

@TheWeekend won the Top 100 Artist on #BBMA’s 2016…Congrats!

Love his music








Why do you look up to me?

I’m no better than you

You do things just as well you see

You work just as hard

You run just as fast

You try your best with every task

Sometimes you win

Sometimes I win too

Other times I come close

Who am I?

I am imperfect, that’s who

My smile is wide

Your smile is bright

Your eyes shine through like sunlight

Your nose is straight

Mine is not

Who am I?

I’m imperfect that’s who

We talk, we read, we right, we play

We take time out for each other every day

You put me on a pedestal

There is no reason for you too

Who am I?

I’m imperfect, that’s who?

Each day I hope for a better tomorrow

Each night I pray I can continue to improve

You are eloquent

But it’s me you commend

Although it’s you who deserves the applause

Because in me, you don’t see my flaws

Who am I?

Don’t you know?

I’m imperfect, that who

(this poem was written by Lorrie Pearson)



The mood is gloomy like a cloudy sky following his every step

Today his must leave

His journey begins

His is going to find himself, to understand his life, to have a better sense of being

His promise is to resurface like a strong wave at high tide as it rises high into the air

Sad he has been for time

Life has been unfair

Obstacles have stood in his way but he realizes he must do something to ease the pain, find the difference, be one again

He meets on this journey many new friends

He learns many new skills

He slept in mountains of the earth to root himself into the basics of living in order to rediscover touch, smell, sight, sound and being like a newborn baby discovering the world for the first time

He learned to relax and move about and think

He found clarity and confidence and love of self

The mood is now jovial, filled with brightness and cheer like a loving family together happy when all are near

His journey is over he has returned

He has found the self he used to be

His lessons are learned.