Meet Lorrie

Lorrie Pearson

Makeup Artist & Fashion Stylist

 I am fortunate to have spent my life involved in beauty and fashion. What I truly enjoy is every opportunity to help my clients look and feel their best from head to toe.

My career began in the world of cosmetics. I was hired as a beauty advisor for Revlon cosmetics. This was the beginning of a great journey that continues today. I really learned how to apply makeup on many faces. It was a valuable experience to learn to work with many skin tones from light to dark. Beauty is universal. As a woman we embrace beauty to enhance our features or to simply make us feel better. It’s a lot of fun experimenting with makeup. With every makeup collection you discover a new way to apply using tools and colors to define your brows, define your lips or leave you with a beautiful, natural glow.

My experience with Revlon led me to want to do more work as an artist. I worked with a modeling school as a makeup instructor for several years. This was a lot of fun because it really allowed me to do more face defining using contouring and highlighting techniques for photography. Teaching led me to working as a freelance artist working with many local photographers here in Boston. Because freelance work was inconsistent at the time, I found my self back in the department store where worked with many lines over the years as a promotional makeup artist. Some of the lines I represented as a freelance makeup artist or beauty advisor include: Chanel,  Christian Dior,  Smashbox, Dermablend, Ultima II,  Flori Roberts, Elizabeth Arden, Biotherm, Fashion Fair, Iman Cosmetics, Lancôme, MD Skincare,  Visage Beaute, Carol’s Daughter  and Lorac.

My fashion experience actually began years ago while working with photographers on shoots. Often times there would not be a stylist, which led me to learn more about fashion. I found myself doing the makeup, steaming clothes, helping the models coordinate their outfits and styling the hair too if necessary in order to be sure the photographer could get a great shot. My skills in the fashion area continued to grow and I have learned a great deal about garment care, fashion collections, and finding pieces that fit well, even for the budget fashionista.

Today I continue to work in both beauty and fashion as a makeup artist and fashion stylist. I help women get ready for special events, a new job, vacations and everyday wear.

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