Water and Rain


It’s been a long day

Time to relax

I’m all alone enjoying the sounds of a quiet tranquil moment

I close my eyes and listen to the soothes of the silence that surrounds me

I take a deep breath

Slowly open my eyes

I love my alone time

I walk to the bath tub

Turn on the running water

The sounds from cascading flow allows me to migrate into a world that is completely mine

I no longer feel tired, I feel comfortable, relieved, good

I open my shower gel and close my eyes as I indulge in the intoxicating scent that surrounds the air, a mix of Rose and Jasmine with Grapefruit and Bergamot ….and…. Patchouli …and… Sandalwood

At last I feel refreshed and invigorated and energized in an odd sort of way

No longer exhausted and ready to sleep

Now filled with enough vigor to enjoy a good read in my favorite chair by the window while sipping a glass of Clos Du Bois and listening to the sounds of the rain

(this poem was written by Lorrie Pearson)


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