My Manifesto


I have always had an interest in beauty and style. At a very early age I remember being excited whenever I would get new pair of shoes or a fun outfit. As a teen I became interest in makeup and developed a love for fashion magazines. This interest and love of beauty and style led me to a career as a makeup artist and fashion stylist.

Sharing information has always been fun and interesting to me. I enjoy speaking one-on-one in addition to presenting to groups. I always enjoy giving fashion advice and showing my friends the latest styles or the new shades in lipstick and eyeshadow. The more questions asked of me and advice requested, the deeper I conducted my research on the topics and the more I learned about my two favorite subjects, beauty and style.

I started my blog to share information, not just on the latest trends and styles but also on the basic elements of beauty and style. I want to become a resource for those seeking style advice as well as a resource for those who want to work as a freelance makeup artist or fashion stylist.

For many style is a challenging subject. Knowing what to wear, how to wear it and an understanding of size and fit consistently pose questions. Fashion stylist want to learn about designers and trends but also how to build a kit and obtain work as a freelance stylist.

Makeup topics are always filled with questions about color choice, application and technique. Makeup artists want to know what’s new in products, how to build their kit and portfolio and how to get work as a makeup artist.

There is so much information currently available online about makeup, beauty, fashion and style. However, there is a lot of information that is not correct. I am fortunate to have worked in the industry for more than 3 decades and can draw from experience in addition to research to deliver the content I post to my blog. This is important because the information I share with my readers should be relevant and accurate. Beauty and style is always changing allowing me opportunities to talk about new products and technology as it relates to beauty and style. In addition, there will be information about new ingredients in cosmetics and fabrications in clothing.

My goal is to offer tips and information that is both helpful and useful. I want to build a community of beauty and fashion enthusiasts who know they will find the information they need at Lorriep Beauty & Style and share this blog site with others. I would also love to offer guest blogging opportunities by others industry experts to bring other experiences to the eyes of my readers.

Soon I would like to include videos, webinars and podcasts on Lorriep Beauty & Style as tools to educate and enrich the content and information my followers receive.  Lorriep Beauty and style will be unique, fun, interesting, interactive, entertaining, educational, engaging and resourceful. I look forward to bringing great content to my community.






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