Boston’s Fashion Destination


Boston’s fashion destination is located in the heart of Back Bay. The designer fashion scene starts here at the corner of Arlington Street and Boylston Street. Here you’ll discover a row of shops including Hermes and St.John. Across from these row of exclusive shops is the Boston Public Gardens, a beautiful park and great destination to visit.

The Boston Public Gardens is the first public botanical garden in the United States.In the spring and summer months you can ride the Swan Boats, a lake tour tourist attraction.



Newbury Street, known around the world for fashion also sits opposite the Boston Public Gardens.Here you will discover well known designer boutiques. Newbury Street is a mile long street lined with 19th century brownstones. The street has a very cool eclectic mix of historic and modern buildings which infuses residential living with high end boutiques, restaurants and shops.

burberry and chanel

Burberry is a British Fashion house famous for its iconic plaid print you see on their clothing , accessories and scarves as well as the trench coat.

Chanel is a high fashion house created by Coco Chanel specializing in haute couture and ready to wear clothes, luxury goods, accessories and Chanel No. 5 Parfum.

dolce and gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian fashion house started by designing swimwear. The brand is now known for fragrance and fashion collections for men and women.

armani and dorfman

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion house creating  haute couture, ready to wear, accessories, leather goods, shoes, cosmetics home interiors, jewelry and watches.


Akris is a Swiss fashion house specializing in luxury women’s clothing, handbags and accessories.


Vince is a contemporary clothing line of sweaters and denim for men and women.

ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren creates luxury apparel and accessories for men, women and children in addition to home furnishing and fragrance brands.

What you have discovered in this post a few of the many fashion boutiques and stores in Boston’s neighborhood of Back Bay. There are many options available to fit your budget and desire to create your unique style.

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  1. katighe says:

    I love the patterns created by light as it fights its way through the city scapes. Did you see this as you looked through the viewfinder? It appears in so many of your shots!


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