Makeup Artists diversify your skillset



Makeup artists who can’t work on black skins, it’s time to diversify your skill set.

In a recent twitter post, British model Lemonie Anderson was outraged that a many makeup artists are ill-prepared to work on darker skin tones. It was during recent experience during NYFW where she and other models of color were requested provide their own foundation ignited an internal turmoil of fury.




One of the skillsets of a makeup artist should be the ability to work with anyone who sits in his/her chair. Why aren’t makeup artists required to prove that she meets this requirement prior to being booked for an assignment? The problem is there are no formal requirements for becoming a makeup artist or products to include in your kit.

If you are a working makeup artist or aspiring to be a makeup artists it is extremely important to educate yourself. Learn and evolve your skillset. Take classes and workshops. Don’t forget to practice on a regular basis.

Tips to help you diversify:

Learn from makeup artist who work on darker skin tones:

You can learn by following their work on social media, watching them live on Periscope and reviewing YouTube videos in addition to attending classes, webinars and workshops. The following is a partial list of fantastic makeup artists:

Sam Fine, Monifa Mortis, Candace Corey, Pat McGrath, Sir John, Ashunta Sheriff, Renny Vasquez, A.J. Crimson, Yolanda Fredrick, James Vincent, Angela Ivana, Scott Barnes, Hana Ali and  Monae Everett.

Learn about brands and build your kit with products that have a range of foundation and product color options for darker skin tones. Practice working with darker makeup colors and formulas to better understand how they look on the skin and work with other products you may use during the makeup application process.

Be sure you are working in a setting with proper lighting in order to see detail. Some products may look great upon immediate application but change in color or make the skin appear grey or ashy. Ask for advice to find solutions to resolve these types of issues before you are on an assignment. Learn what to look for when selecting products to give you optimum results. As a makeup artist it is important that you know what products will work best for your projects and your clients.

This is a list of brands to try. 

Drug store brands:

Department & Specialty store brands:

Books to read:

Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African American Women by Sam Fine

Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

Miles of MAC by James Gager

About Face: Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist by Scott Barnes

The Beauty of Color by Iman


Trade Shows to attend:

Bronner Brothers International Beauty Show

The Makeup Show – (shows in Los Angeles, NY, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Orlando

IMATS-(shows in Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles, NY, London and Vancouver)

IBS New York

IBS Las Vegas


Any questions, please email your questions to 






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