The planning of a style shoot

photographer-424620_1280 (1)

I was looking forward to this day. My day was spent preparing for an important meeting. Later today I would sit down with a project manager,  photographer, model and fashion stylist to plan a very important photo shoot session.

As a team we’re working on this important project together. I will be responsible for the makeup and hair and the details are extremely important. This photo session is for a submission to a publication and we need to be sure that all everything is perfect.

The morning started with inspiration. I love to look at images and videos by incredible photographers. Today I reviewed a YouTube video by Mario Testino. I love his work. He is an incredible photographer who has photographed many great people all over the world. He also does a lot of photography for Vogue Magazine. I am heavily involved in the fashion industry and follow many beauty and fashion photographers. One thing I love about Mario Testino’s work is his ability to really make his subjects appear natural and comfortable in their skin.


If you work with the wrong photographer the images can appear stiff and lifeless. The model can look posed and distant from the overall concept. With every job I work whether I’m doing makeup, hair or styling, I do my best to work closely with the team so that we get the best results possible.

After watching a few videos, I reviewed the images that were selected for inspiration. In the industry we call it a mood board. It helps to get ideas and stay focused on the concept and look you’re trying to create.

model-849760_1920 (1)

I’ve met the model on a previous project, so I took some time to check my makeup and hair supplies to be sure I have everything I will need once we have the confirmed date and location for the shoot. In the meantime, I jotted down notes on how I would apply the makeup and style her hair to fulfill the needs of the project.

I’m ready to go to the meeting. It will be great to work with this team. I arrive at the meeting location and one by one the team members arrive. We sit and chat a bit before moving into the core of the meeting.

We discussed every detail of the project. Everyone had great input. We finalized the best ideas that would work with the location, setting and clothing. The photographer took a couple of sample shots and this was good to determine additional requests for the background.

The original plan was to do two looks and the project manager decided that we should add two additional really great looks to complete the story. This was a great callout because it will allow the model to demonstrate a greater diversity for this project.

The location and date was secured and everyone is onboard.

I look forward to next week to complete this project. Now it’s time to make sure everything on my end is ready because you never want to go to a photo session or go to work on a project unprepared. I feel that this meeting was a great success. We accomplished our pre-session goal.


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