15 Helpful ways to learn more about makeup

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The world of makeup is fascinating! Makeup is a creative field that explores so many areas. Many are drawn to makeup because they love color. The color in makeup is available in many formulations from liquids to powders, creams, gels and wax. Color in makeup can range from light to dark, sheer to opaque, dull to bright, intense or dimensional. Perhaps you have a background in art. Many artist are drawn to makeup, not just for color but because makeup can be used to add light or shadows to the skin. In the world of makeup it’s called contouring. When you contour you work with the natural lights and shadows of the face to enhance or diminish features.

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Makeup is applied to achieve certain looks. Natural looks are often requested when you have someone who doesn’t want to look as if she/he is wearing makeup. To create a natural look is not always easy. As a matter of fact, at times to achieve a natural look can be challenging. Brides often request a natural look. Clients may want a look appropriate for work or a night out with friends, so you’ll get requests for smoky eyes, a bold lip or eyelash application. Other requests may be to create a commercial look or runway makeup. When you do makeup for runway or fashion events it is really important to understand the concept of the designer. Many times this look will be replicated on several models with little modification.  Makeup for print or commercial is based upon the desired look the lead stylist, producer or director is trying to achieve. Special effects makeup is all concept based. You may create a scar, burn, add hair, and design a black eye or other options as required. Special effects makeup is used in movies, theater and certain events.

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The areas and concepts mentioned are a short list of many. Let’s discuss the focus of the blog post and give you ways to learn more about makeup.

  1. Buy the book Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin
  2. Visit the Makeup Forever  learn page. You will find a how to videos, tutorials and pro-tips that will come in handy.
  3. Follow the In My Kit Facebook page. This page is moderated by Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy Award winning makeup artist, beauty journalist, educator and cosmetic developer.
  4. Attend an IMATS event. IMATS is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show held in Toronto, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Vancouver. You will discover the world of makeup from beauty to special effects.
  5. Follow James Vincent on Facebook. He is an incredible celebrity makeup artist who is ultra-talented. When you find out he’s teaching a class…take it.
  6. Subscribe to Make-up Artist Magazine. This is a great resource to learn techniques and the latest industry info.
  7. Visit Nigel Beauty Emporium and immerse yourself into practically every makeup product the Pro’s use.
  8. Join The Powder Group TPG Pro Membership Program and explore opportunities to attend events and workshops that will help you be great at working in makeup.
  9. Attend The Makeup Show. It’s a pro-only event offering training, networking, inspiration and products. The Makeup Show is held in Orlando, LA, NYC, Dallas and Chicago.
  10. Subscribe to On Makeup Magazine and learn how to connect to experienced professionals and educators and become inspired by industry insiders.
  11. Visit your local MAC counter and discover new products, techniques and creative makeup artists you’ll be delighted to meet.
  12. Check out Mud Studio makeup courses and workshops to refine your skills.
  13. Subscribe to Billy B’s YouTube Channel. He is a celebrity makeup artist who is simply awesome.
  14. Learn special effects makeup by taking Dick Smith Special Makeup Effects Training. The basic 3D course will teach you the core skills and it’s a home study program.
  15. Sign up for Crystal Wright’s PYP Workshop to get step by step detailed info on how to launch and succeed with your freelance makeup artist business.

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4 thoughts on “15 Helpful ways to learn more about makeup

  1. Princessjm says:

    I love this one!! I love make up I just can’t seem to do it right like all the time. I will take all your tips here and share that with my niece too ❤


  2. Wandering Soul says:

    Those are great ake up tips. 🙂 Unfortunately, I seem to have a permanent smoky eye look, what with my dark circles 😛 Concealer is my best friend 😀
    Thanks for the follow, Lorrie.


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