You’re in business – part 1 setting up


Makeup and hair: Lorrie Pearson, Model: Devon Greenbaum, Photography: William Gately

Once you decide work as a freelance makeup artist or fashion stylist, you’ve also made the decision to go into business for yourself.

Say goodbye to weekly paychecks and hello to billing and following up to receive payments.

Before you accept your first assignment, it’s important to get your business set up and be sure you have what you need in place to get started.

  • This step is going to take some quiet time, thinking and writing…Define your business. Who are you? What do you do? What are your services? Who is your ideal customer? How will you be contacted? What do you charge for services?name-01b
  • Decide on a business name. It doesn’t need to be fancy, Your Name Makeup Artist or Your Name Fashion Stylist will work. (Although it’s perfectly fine to use your name as your business name, if your name is very common, just check to be sure it’s not already in use)
  • Get a domain name. Why do I suggest this next? You’re going to want to have a presence to show your online portfolio on the web. Your domain name should whenever possible be your business name. Once you have it, no one else can claim it. With the World Wide Web growing every day, .com in some domains are no longer
  • Determine how you will run your business. Will you be a sole proprietor, limited liability company (LLC)  or corporation? You may want to have a conversation with other artists to find out how they are set up and why. It would also be a good idea to speak with an attorney or someone from the Small Business Administration to help determine the best option for you.
  • Set up a bank account in your business name. This will make it easier for you to track business income and expenses. And please only use this account for business.
  • Create a budget so you know how much money you will have to invest in your business and plan for the money you will need to market yourself and grow.
  • Create a tagline for your business. This is short phrase that defines what you do that can be used on your business cards or when you are introduced to someone. (Examples:” I’m a makeup artist specializing in beauty.” “I’m known as the eyebrow queen.” or “I’m a red carpet event stylist” )
  • Decide how you’re going to handle your projects or assignments. I personally create a separate folder for each project and in it I keep everything I need. At the beginning of the year I create folders and I number them. (This number becomes my invoice info I provide when billing).
  • Order your business cards
  • Set up your website, it’s important to have a digital portfolio
  • Set up your social media pages. Use your business name when you set up your accounts. Your Facebook page can be a Fan Page.

               In Part 2 we will discuss making connections to get booked for work.

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