10 Useful apps to help Glam Squads work smarter

When you’re ready to plan your next  portfolio shoot or video production these apps may come in handy. All of these apps are used by many industry pros and can be downloaded and many can be used on your smartphone or iPad.

Posepad– This iPad app helps photographers plan andPosepad manage their workflow of poses and lighting diagrams. It’s also used to store images of poses you’d like to accomplish so that you can share with the model and the team. Notes and comments can be added so you can save the complete concept.



Sylights- Have you ever found many things you loved about a photograph except for some reason the lighting was just not right? Sylights hsylightselps you to solve that problem by pre-planning the set up for your session. You can decide where the models will stand, where the backdrop will be and the angle of the shot in advance.



Make-Up Continuity Pro- Makeup Artists, hairstylists, manicurists  and fashion/wardrobe stylists have you ever been booked for a project working on multiple people? It is so important that you remember what you used on them, what they wore and how the complete look will come together. Make-Up Continuity Pro app  helps you create your own worksheet. Originally created for film professionals, but there is no reason you can’t use this on a big commercial shoot or or live performance event.  You can conceptualize the best looks for the scenes and save for future use.

Easy Release – Don’t be caught without a signed release for your models again.Easy Model Release Easy Release allows you to create the release right on your smartphone or iPad. Yes, it now available for android devices! You collect all the data and signatures you need on your mobile device and mails a PDF and jpeg of the release to you.



MuPandorasic makes photo-sessions much more fun. Play the music you like when you want with Pandora. Its the perfect way to listen to your favorite songs or discover new ones. Pandora is an internet radio allowing you to personalize and tune in anytime.


Eye-FiEyefi allows you to do so much more with your images and photography. Imagine the ability to keep the original resolution of your images, transfer them from all of your cameras and keep them organized. One app to use with your camera, iPhone and Ipad. Enjoy taking photos and videos you can easily transfer from your DSLR, WiFi camera or smartphone. Make your camera wireless when you use the Eyefi wireless SD card with built in WiFi and shoot from locations without WiFi.

sync-onsetSync OnSet helps you plan for the prep, shoot and wrap for your next production. You can import scripts, scenes and characters and prepare for working throughout your project. With this app there is an area to breakdown  departmental responsibilities with sections for hair, makeup, clothing, locations props and more. You can budget your production, keep track of tasks and track inventory too. Sync OnSet is used for many film and television productions. You too, can turn your major project into a smoother run profession production.

DropboxWith Dropbox you can file, store and share documents, photos and videos from anywhere. This cloud-based app is easy to use, convenient and is perfect for collaboration.



SkypeSkype allows you to keep in touch. This app allows you to message, talk and video chat, making communication effortless. Skype also works on both IOS and android devices. Skype allows you to group chat, share screens and collaborate on projects.


portfolio for ipadPortfolio for iPad is a great way to showcase your work using photos, PDF’s and videos. This app is a blank slate waiting for your customized presentation of your best work.

It’s the perfect way to show your skills, create your brand and load newly completed projects. No need to search for your website. With Portfolio for iPad, your showcase it as your fingertips.



















After the shoot – wrapping things up


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