Kevin James Bennett- Beauty Influencer 2014

Kevin James Bennett, is one leading authorities in the beauty industry. He is an  Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist who career began in retail cosmetics where he worked exclusively with luxury brands. Mr. Bennett is a sought after artist  in the world of print, runway and celebrity.

His in-depth knowledge about cosmetics, products and the business of working as a freelance makeup artist is invaluable. His passion is  infectious and the advice he offers is essential. Kevin launched  IN MY KIT––the first online cosmetic buying guide dedicated to professional makeup artists in 2005––Kevin launched the companion IN MY KIT Facebook Group in 2013 where you can find him schooling artists on more than cosmetic products and application techniques with the same insightful, honest and often irreverent approach that editors crave from him magazines like Vogue, Glamour, Elle and InStyle to name a few.

On his blog, Cosmetics Junkie, you will discover a multitude of information on topics from makeup tips to product reviews and advice in addition to tutorials that offer great tips for makeup artists at every level.

Thank you Kevin James Bennett for continuing to share your expert knowledge and advice to makeup artists around the world.

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Kevin James Bennett
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