The Holiday season brings joy to many people around the world. It’s a time for family, friends and celebration. Unfortunately for some it is a time of struggle and sadness. I am fortunate even though I have had a year dealing with many challenges including an injury resulting in medical issues that I am still working through resulting in modifying my lifestyle and personal budget to make ends meet.

While reflecting upon this past year, I remembered something my grandmother always told me. She always said, “No matter how bad you think things are, there is always someone who is going through something worse.” That statement is profound and true. There have been many things this past year I have not been able to do and luckily for me, I’m okay. Unfortunately, there are so many people in this world whose struggle is much deeper and the feeling of being okay is not evident in their minds.

Although many of us give to charities and donate our time to help organizations this time of year to help others, there are still many more families and individuals who do not receive assistance and are turned away because there is simply  enough to give.

This year, I created a series of journal covers. I call this collection, Inspired by Beauty and Style and plan to use the proceeds to help feed the homeless and families in need starting with a meal on New Years Day.  You have noticed many postings and messages from me on social media this weekend in my push to make this happen. I was hoping that my Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers in addition to loved ones and friends would buy a journal to help support my cause. I am grateful for the few orders that have come through, but I still have a way to go in order to accomplish my goal.

On my website, Beauty & Fashion Stylist.com you will find the journals I created. I am selling them at a price of $9.00 each. For those who do not wish to purchase a journal, you can still help by  way by offering what you can using the donate button and spreading this message others. Any and all help will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Journal covers copy-06d


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