London fashion brands you want to know (pt. 1)

Daisy DressUKULELE

A young, fresh fashion brand created by Purple Qie Quin






Daisy top shown with jeans



Ukulele is a contemporary based fashion brand. The esthetic is a cool mix of Western and Far East culture with a modern twist. Ukulele is worn by celebrities and London it girls including Diana Vickers, Millie Macintosh and The Saturdays. The brand is young, fresh, exciting and beautiful.









Created by London based fashion and music artist Miko Spinelli, this hip urban brand is inspired by color, culture, texture, fabrics and fit. This ready-to-wear-artistic collection is worn by men and women. To see the collection visit




caterina stratan 1


Transitioning from the world of finance to fashion is a clear indication of what you can do when you follow your dreams. For designer Caterina Stratan, growing up with a passion and love for fashion has created a collection that is elegant and simple. The collection incorporates daytime to evening wear that look great on the body. Take a look

caterina_stratan_4     001-600x960


james lakeland 2


Discover great cuts, innovative fabrics and beautiful designs in James Lakeland’s collection for women. His Spring 2014 collection OP ART is inspired from the 60’s featuring bold graphic prints, in the beautifully tailored collection. Discover it here:

clio_red   8052



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