Summer must have #2 Love & Toast handcreme

Love & Toast by Margot Elena is “natural not neutral” and “made with love.’

You too will love this quick absorbing handcreme made with Shea butter, Macadamia nut, Olive fruits, Avocado & Sunflower oils. The hand crème is available in six Classic Collections:Pomme Poive, Sugar Grapefruit, Paper Flower, Mandarin Tea, Honey Coconut, and Gin Blossom. ($8.99 each) Check out the collection on their website Love & Toast.

Love & Toast handcreme by Margot Elena in Sugar Grapefruit

Love & Toast handcreme by Margot Elena in Sugar Grapefruit





4 thoughts on “Summer must have #2 Love & Toast handcreme

  1. camellia's cottage says:

    For years I worked for some of the ‘finest’ cosmetic companies in the world, this product sounds very good, you mentioned in another post ‘no mineral oil’ which is also a plus- however respectfully, I would say that face and body products which contain water, alcohol, mineral oil and petroleum oil are the skin’s ‘enemies’ …do you know if this skin care line includes any of those ingredients beside not using mineral oil? Most commercial skin care products use some ..and if listed as the first few ingredients are truly to be avoided …thank you for sharing thoughtful good products!


    • lorriepearson says:

      Hi Camellia
      It’s important to know that not all alcohols found in cosmetic products are “bad for you.” Did you know that some alcohols are glycols used as humectants and others can have emollient qualities. Cetyl Alcohol is derived from coconut oil and is an emollient and stabilizer. Stearyl Alcohol is also derived from coconut oil and is an emulsifier used in many skin care products. Cetearyl Alcohol is an emulsifying wax used in cleansers, hair color and face creams. Ethanol is derived from fermented sugar and used in hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other products.
      My suggestion if you are allergic to certain ingredients, its best to consult with a dermatologist. People can be allergic to natural ingredients.
      If you are trying to research and stay away from ingredients that are bad for you, sometimes it’s important to dig a little deeper to determine the composition you wish to stay away from.
      As far as mineral oil and petroleum oils are concerned, you will find people who love them and those who feel they are bad for you. All ingredients in my personal opinion have their place in the beauty world.
      There are many skin care brands made with natural ingredients, but if a product is 100% natural, most likely it’s made at home, because the shelf life is very limited.
      Hope this helps.

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