Fashion & Style


fashionable dots

Every season we are inspired by fashion. Fashion designers spend months working to bring to us their latest collections. Many collections are inspired by a thought, dream, place or experience. This inspiration is transformed into exquisite fabrics and garments that become the trends and fashion we love.

Designers excite us with runway shows featuring various elements of these inspired collections. As we turn the pages of our favorite magazines, the beauty of the images entice us to visit the stores and boutiques to see and try on the garment pieces. We all have favorite designers we follow and love. If not designers, there is always a particular style or color we are attracted to. Whatever it is, we are all in some way inspired by fashion. Some more than others.


Beauty and Fashion are part of my everyday life. I am constantly reading numerous fashion magazines, reviewing collections and working with my clients to determine the best pieces to fit into her lifestyle. I love helping clients incorporate the trends into their personal style.

Once you define and develop your personal style, it becomes easier to update your look to incorporate the trends and fashions of the seasons. You know how to best select garment pieces that not only fit well, but look great. In addition, you will be able to purchase pieces that can be worn on many occasions.

Fashion and trends to fade as they are revised and revived. Your style continues to be uniquely yours.


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